How the diminishing of our language for the
natural world coincides with a dramatic
vanishing of nature itself.


Producer, Presenter, Writer:   Mary Brophy
Editor, Sound Design:   Neal Boyle 

As Ireland becomes more urbanised, we are losing language for our places and landscapes. Words are vanishing that refer to animals and birds, to fields and forests and to traditions of outdoor work. This diminishing of language and knowledge coincides with a disengagement from the natural world as lives are increasingly lived indoors and online. It also coincides with a dramatic vanishing of nature itself. In just a generation, Irish rivers running with salmon, the cry of barn owl or bog curlew have become all but folk memory. But does language matter in this? Are names the root of our knowing and caring about something? Or if we're recording the words instead of using them, is it already too late? In the company of artists, botanists and writers and with an invocation of nature words as soundtrack, presenter Mary Brophy journeys through forest, cluain and wild place in search of answers.. A Lyric Feature for RTÉ Lyric fm.